Fun Ideas For A Baseball-Themed Wedding Reception

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A lot of people put careful thought into planning each element of their wedding ceremony, but it's important to devote time to thinking about how you want the reception to unfold too. While there's no debating the importance of the ceremony, many people find that the reception is the most fun part of the day. It's a chance to celebrate with family and friends, so you want it to be special. One way to have fun at your reception is to choose a specific theme that appeals to you both. If you both love baseball, think about planning a baseball-themed reception. Here are some ideas for this unique reception theme.

Props And Backdrop 

People love taking photos at wedding receptions, and it can be a lot of fun to set up a themed backdrop and provide some props for people to use. For a baseball-themed celebration, you can print a large banner-style image of a baseball stadium to use as your backdrop. Props such as balls, gloves, bats, and even helmets can all be fun for your guests. Expect to see people getting creative with the props and their poses as they take photos throughout the evening.

Gaming Station

A lot of wedding receptions have games for people to play, which can create an upbeat vibe with some friendly competition. For a baseball-themed wedding, it might not be practical to try to actually play baseball—but you might think about offering people the ability to play baseball video games. It's relatively easy to create a gaming station with a few TVs and gaming consoles that are loaded with the latest baseball video game. This station can especially be popular if you'll have a lot of younger people in attendance at the reception.

Baseballs To Sign

People often have their guests sign various things during the reception. For example, some couples provide a photo that people can sign before framing it and hanging it in their home. For a baseball theme, think about having your guests sign baseballs. You can buy several baseballs and pens and set everything up at a table. Most of your guests won't have signed baseballs in the past, so this can be a fun and unique experience. After your wedding, you can place the signed balls on a special rack as a souvenir of your reception. Think about these and other ideas that can support your reception theme of baseball.

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