Wedding Venue A Bit Small? 3 Ways To Gain Space

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Every couple hopes to find the perfect wedding venue that fits their needs in every way. But what if you fall in love with a venue that's just a little too small for your existing plans? Can you salvage this find without having to give it up for a more practical space? 

The answer is that, yes, you can work with a venue that's a little tight. While most people's first instinct is to cut the guest list, you can actually gain a lot of space without un-inviting anyone. Here are three tricks that might give you the room you need. 

1. Change Table Shape

Did you know that the shape of guest tables affects how much space each one needs? For instance, a round table that seats six or eight people actually require less space than a square table which seats the same. The reason is that the square design leaves less buffer space at the edges. Similarly, you may find that mix-and-matching the sizes or shapes of tables allows you to fit more diners in the same area. 

2. Rethink Dinner Plans

Do you want to have a buffet or grazing table for your reception meal? Unfortunately, these long, open selections take up plenty of space. Not only does the food presentation need rooms, but guests invariably form lines which take up floor space. Instead, consider switching to a plated dinner prepared and served from a back room.

On the other hand, if the prep rooms are small, switch to a self-serve meal instead. Bring food in from off-site and use smaller food stations if the buffet needs broken up. 

3. Move the Wedding Up

The most traditional time of day for a wedding is the evening. However, this often means more guests available, guests who expect to be served at sit-down tables, and a full dance floor.

If you don't have a lot of space, try an earlier wedding — such as a brunch or early afternoon shindig. You might even be able to skip the full meals and large tables, opting for a cocktail-style reception. And less dancing earlier in the day means less space devoted to this activity. 

Where to Start

Don't feel you must settle for a wedding venue you don't love just because it has the right dimensions. Expand your venue search today by looking at gorgeous spaces with these few simple tricks in mind. You may find that the venue you fall for can accommodate your perfect day after all. Look into wedding venues near you.