Three Ways To Use Pipe And Drape Stands At Trade Shows

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Event rental companies carry a wide selection of pipe and drape stands that can be handy to rent for all sorts of different events. If you're planning a trade show at a local conference center or similar facility, you'll want to rent a large number of these devices. Contact the event rental company to learn about the sizes of pipe frames and the colors of drapes that are available. Many people opt for black drapes, but you may feel that another color can be a better choice for your trade show. Here are three ways that you can use pipe and drape stands at trade shows.

Creating Booths

There are many ways that you can create booths around your trade show, but a good option is to use pipe and drape stands. These devices will create an obvious barrier between each booth, which can help to keep things looking organized. Without this barrier, some attendees may spread out their displays so much that they encroach on those around them. This can not only potentially lead to conflicts, but could also give the trade show an untidy look when people arrive.

Surrounding Something Before An Unveiling

At a lot of trade shows, one or more of the attendees will unveil a product that they've been waiting to launch at this event. It's common to have a portable stage set up to use for this purpose. If the product that the company will be unveiling is large, it's important to have a way to keep it out of sight until the time is right. A set of pipes and drapes can come in handy in this application. For example, you can make a square that fully surrounds the item in question, which can add intrigue as attendees gather in front of the stage. When the time is right, people can pull the pipes and drapes away to unveil the product.

Creating Lanes At The Entrance

There are several different ways that you can create order at the entrance of your trade show. Some people opt to use pipe and drape stands to build lanes that people can walk through. You'll want shorter pipe frames in this application; something that comes up to waist height can be suitable. For example, you can use this equipment to create three or four different lanes through which people can enter the venue in a systematic manner, rather than gather at the doors in a crowd. Contact an event rental service to learn about pipe and drape stands.