Beyond Logistics — 5 Ways A Wedding Planner Provides Emotional Support

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Most couples know that a wedding planner can be a big help with practical and logistical aspects of their big day. But have you considered the emotional support and assistance that a planner can provide when you need it? In fact, this sort of help can be even more valuable than their work juggling vendors or reading contracts. Here are a few emotionally charged times when a planner can make a big difference.

1. When Things Fall Through. For most brides and grooms, the idea of something falling through — especially at the last minute — is a wedding nightmare. And if something happens, such as your cake not arriving intact, the practicalities are only half the problem. The emotional weight can be huge. Your planner will help you adapt and stay focused on the right things. 

2. When You're Indecisive. The planner's job is to make you and your partner happy while keeping things on budget and on time. If indecision in one or more areas threatens to derail your plans, this professional knows how to help you get past it. They might do anything from helping you reason out which cake makes you happier to offering a professional opinion about the pros and cons of an up-do.  

3. When Family Is a Challenge. Family and friends make your day special, but they can also cause drama. An experienced wedding planner has weathered family conflict and emotions of all shapes. They'll help you engage positively with others, minimize problems with rowdy family, and divert the attention of pushy relatives who mean well. Let a planner be your buffer so you can focus on yourself and your partner. 

4. When You Can't Delegate. Many brides (and some grooms) end up micromanaging every aspect of their wedding — often to their own detriment. You can trust a wedding planner because they are a pro. Therefore, they can help you figure out how and what to delegate so you can have more fun — both before the big day and on it. 

5. When You're Distracted. Wedding planners do their best to make sure you don't miss anything important. They won't let you get so caught up that you miss out on the "first look." They might make sure Grandpa gets a front-row seat. Or they'll remember that bouquet you forgot. Your planner, in short, is there to make sure you have a great day — even in spite of your own worries. 

Could you use some extra help in these emotional wedding planning challenges? No matter whether you want assistance with family challenges, help making decisions, or someone to be there for you on the big day, hiring a wedding planner is the solution you need. Learn more by talking with a wedding planning professional in your area today.