Convention Merchants Should Think About The Value Of Indoor Airport Parking

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A good reason exists why comic book conventions and other similar events take place at airport hotels. The hotels provide easy access and conveniences for guests, participants, and organizers. Close proximity to airport parking makes things less difficult for attendees. Indoor airport parking, for many, is even better. Some merchants, however, might think about parking at a less-costly lot a few blocks away. Doing so could be a big mistake. When you plan on selling a large amount of merchandise at an expo table, don't dismiss the safety associated with airport parking. You don't want anything happening to that all-important merchandise.  

The Airport Lot and a Lot of Your Merchandise

At comic book, sports cards, and movie memorabilia conventions, vendors pay for tables based on their size and how many they want. Someone on a budget might go with a single table. The drawback here is a smaller table can only hold so much merchandise. Leaving some merchandise in a car's trunk and replenishing items sold on an as-needed basis makes sense. The risk here is something that might happen to the items in the vehicle. Indoor airport parking may offer some solutions. 

Less Proximity to Thieves

Unfortunately, those with intentions to steal may gravitate towards an event with tons of merchandise up for sale. Checking out cars parked by the hotel could lead to thief discovering a treasure trove. Airport parking might be a little further away from the hotel and its lot, which can be a good thing. Would the thieves gravitate to the closer or further lot? Likely, they'd stick by the hotel and not congregate as much by the airport lot. 

High Security at Airport Lots 

Airports and their surrounding structures come with a high level of security. So do hotels, but airports undoubtedly maintain more security. Added surveillance measures likely keep thieves away. Even when criminals become brazen enough to attempt vehicle break-ins, airport security should notice the activity almost immediately. So, the chances of a successful break-in diminish.

Extensive Camera Surveillance Helps With Claims 

Break-ins aren't all you must worry about. Another car might crash into your parked vehicle and damage your merchandise. Thanks to the security cameras and staff presence, drivers may show more care in the parking lot. If not, at least there's extensive security camera footage to document what happened. Filing an insurance claim on the vehicle and any damaged merchandise may become less complicated.

Indoor airport parking has many benefits. Merchants can potentially avoid troubles parking in one. Pushing merchandise in a cart a short distance might be worth it.