Surprise Your Husband With A Funny And Entertaining Birthday Bash

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If your spouse is a good sport and often jokes around with you on a daily basis, surprising him with a birthday bash that is sure to make him laugh and keep him entertained will be sure to demonstrate your undying devotion to him and your attention to detail. 

Rent An Outdoor Spot And Hire A Dancer

Rent an outdoor patio or piece of property at a local venue to hold the birthday celebration. Prior to the party, hire a costumed dancer to crash the party and make their presence known as soon as they enter the party area. A dancer who is dressed up as an official, such as a police officer or military member, may seem intimidating to your husband.

Instruct the dancer to approach your spouse and speak harshly to him. Your spouse will likely be taken aback and instantly wonder who this person is and what they want. Without any warning, turn on a portable radio and prompt the costumed dancer to begin swaying back and forth to the music. At this point, your spouse will realize that the stranger is actually a hired dancer. 

Use A Larger Than Life Cake Prop To Conceal A Loved One

A cardboard or plastic cake that is designed to look like a real cake can be used to conceal a loved one who your husband hasn't seen in a while. If one of your spouse's family members lives out of town and hasn't had the chance to spend time with your husband in several months, set the ball in motion by calling up this individual and discussing travel arrangements so that the person can attend your spouse's party.

Tell the family member about the cake prop that you would like to use at the party. Tell them that it would be hilarious if they hid inside of the cake and then appeared during dinner. Invite other friends and family members and ask them to hide in the wings until the hidden guest has revealed their identity.

While in the outdoor seating area, tell your spouse that the meal you will be served will be solely for the two of you. Place the cake prop to the side of the eating area so that it is within view. After the family member exits the cake to surprise your husband, instruct the other invitees to come join you and your spouse. 

Set Up A Dunking Booth, Balloon Toss, And Dance Floor

A dunking booth, balloon toss, and dance floor will allow the guest of honor to become the life of the party, especially if he volunteers to be the person who is dunked or chooses to compete first in the balloon toss or a dancing competition. Rent carnival-themed games from a party supplier.

You will receive assistance from a staff member of the party supply company with setting up the rentals in the outdoor area you have reserved at the public venue. Prior to the dancing competition, speak on a microphone and state that you are proud of your husband and love him dearly. Afterward, dance with your husband and enjoy the moment. 

For more information, contact your local birthday party events service.