Budget-Friendly Wedding Reception Venue Ideas

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When it comes to wedding reception venues, you don't have to sacrifice location to save money. There are plenty of romantic, swoon-worthy venues that can comfortably host your special celebration without breaking your wedding-planning budget.

Whether you dream of holding your wedding reception in a rustic outdoor, stately historic or charming intimate location, you can make it happen no matter what you have to spend. You may have to compromise a bit by hosting the reception locally rather than in a far-flung, exotic destination, but you most likely won't feel like you're missing out.

Keep your your favorite hobbies and passions in mind when picking the perfect wallet-friendly venue, or go with a space that hold special meaning for you and your fiance, such as the location of your first date. As another tip, look for an event space that also offers other services, such as catering, since you may get a discount. 

Here are some affordable wedding reception venue ideas to consider:

1. A Backyard

If you crave a small, cozy reception, a friend or loved one's backyard may be the answer. Patios or decks can be the ideal space to set up a buffet-style meal, and you can arrange seating elements, such as picnic tables or small table and chair sets, on the grass.

Keep the decor simple-yet-elegant by wrapping white string lights around trees, and hang paper Chinese lanterns from low-hanging branches. If the host has a pool, that can offer another party space.

A local farm featuring a clean, spacious barn is another outdoor venue idea. Keep things rustic with hay bale seating and wildflower bouquet table centerpieces. 

2. A Bed and Breakfast Inn

Another charming place to hold a smaller wedding and reception is a bed and breakfast inn. An inn can also offer convenience, as you can have the wedding ceremony, reception and host your guests all under one room. Many inns offer wedding packages, sometimes including catering, which may help you save money. 

Pick a historic inn featuring plenty of pretty photo spots, such as wide, gracious porches, gazebos and fountains. 

3.A City or National Park

Depending on what is available in your area, consider holding your reception at a city or national park that you and your fiance love to frequent. Ideal for outdoor lovers, many parks offer ample celebration space, such as covered pavilions with picnic tables and grills. 

You can also take advantage of your natural surroundings during the photo shoot, posing next to lakes, streams, rivers, on a boardwalk or in the middle of manicured flower gardens.