Plan A Family Outing To A Local Theatre That Offers Live Performances

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If you are looking for a family friendly event that you and your children can enjoy and there is a theater in your town that offers live performances, treat yourself and your loved ones to an action packed production this holiday season. The tips below will help you plan an outing with your children that will be fun and memorable.

Browse The Lineup And Order Tickets In Advance

Take the time to learn about some of the upcoming productions so that you can choose a performance that will be well suited for people of any age. Think about what types of movies or shows your children typically enjoy. Do they like action, adventure, or comedy? If they are older, perhaps, they usually watch dramas or shows that have a unique twist.

Whatever the case, gathering information about the background of each performance will help you select one that is bound to pique everyone's interest. Purchase tickets in advance so that you won't have to wait in a long line on the day of the performance and so that you won't have to worry about the performance being sold out upon your arrival to the theater.

Share A Meal Beforehand And Discuss The Performance

Do not reveal to your children that you will be taking them to a live play. Instead, surprise your loved ones on the day of the show by requesting that they come with you to grab a bite to eat at a local diner or restaurant. While sharing a meal, tell your children about the play and show them the tickets that you have purchased.

Inform your children that after dinner, you will be taking them to the theater. Discuss the name of the play and what the performance will include so that your children are anxious to head to the theater to see what is in store for them.

Purchase Memorabilia And Meet The Cast 

After watching the play, look through memorabilia that is being sold in the lobby and purchase mementos for you and your children. Theaters often sell shirts, books, stickers, and other small items that fans can purchase as souvenirs.

If the live theater is relatively small and acting crews are locals who perform independently, they may welcome attendees to meet them after a performance. If this is a possibility, request that you and your children briefly meet the people who performed and ask them for autographs.