Reception Venues For Couples With Children

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For engaged couples who have children, picking a kid-friendly venue can be an important part of planning a wedding. If you have children and are planning a wedding, or if you simply want your big day to be welcoming for all, here are a few fun reception venue ideas to consider.

Local Elementary Or High School

Believe it or not, a local elementary or high school can be the perfect setting for your wedding. You can use the auditorium for the ceremony, and the gym or multi-purpose room for the reception. Your catering staff can set up in the cafeteria, and you ca even rent out some of the school lockers for a coat check. Have fun with this venue by choosing a school-related theme, such as prom or a reunion, and choose decorations to match. You might even consider inviting guests of all ages to get dressed up in prom-style dresses and tuxedos.

Theme Park

If you love the thrill of a roller coaster as much as the next kid, consider hosting your wedding at a theme park. Wedding options vary depending on which theme park you choose, but you can typically choose from a variety of wedding packages. In some cases, you may even be able to rent out the entire park for your special day. To make your theme match the venue, consider a few fun touches, such as having your invites printed to look like admission tickets. For favors, you can hand out carnival-style stuffed animal prizes, or you can simply hand out tickets or tokens that can be used inside the theme park venue. Be sure there are activities available for younger children who might not be able to get on the rides, as this will help to ensure everyone is having fun.

Backyard Pool Party

Your wedding doesn't have to be formal to be memorable. Hosting a casual backyard barbecue along with your reception can be a great way to celebrate your love, and it keeps your children in a familiar environment. If the events of the day become too much, your little ones can simply go play in their rooms for a little bit. Stick with the true barbecue theme my decorating with gingham tablecloths and plenty of picnic tables as well as outdoor party lights. Have some backyard games planned, such as a wedding pinata, to keep the little ones entertained throughout the reception.

Work with your wedding planner to find the perfect venue for both you and the children in your lives. When everyone is having fun at your wedding, you can feel a bit more relaxed and ready to start this next amazing chapter in your life.