Five Essentials For A Rustic Wedding

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Casual, rustic wedding settings are definitely all the rage right now. It allows everyone to dress a bit more comfortable, including the bride and groom. On top of this, it's great for casual laid-back photos, as well with beautiful rustic backgrounds and decor that tie it together. To make it work for your big day, here are five essentials you need.

Rustic Venue

First off, you need the perfect, rustic venue. This would include looking at barns, ranches, or farms. These are unique and provide the rustic features that you are looking for. Although some general wedding venues have the option for rustic locations, as well with more rustic backdrops, such as an open barn or woodsy background. Whatever the case, you want to choose a venue that gives off a casual vibe. 

Wood Chairs Or Hay Bales

If you want to go totally casual, you can choose hay bales for the seating. However, this isn't always ideal, so if it's not your style, then you want to try wood chairs instead and even mix in some benches. The seating doesn't even have to be completely matching, but you can instead mix it up with different frames for the wood chairs for a more rustic and relaxed look. Dress the chairs up with throw blankets, which is another way to make it more casual. 

Wood Tables

When it comes to the dining tables for the reception, you want wood tables that give that rustic vibe. You don't have to keep them plain, though. Instead, you can dress them up with linens, simple dishes and silverware, and more. Just remember to keep it as minimalistic as possible for the more laid back vibe. 

Rustic Decor

The rustic decor that you choose is going to make all the difference. You want to first start with the flowers. Make it clear to your florist that you are looking for rustic. This is important because it's going to ensure that more greens are used rather than color in the flowers. You also want to look for unique decor from local shops. This provides a more unique and laid back feel. 

String Lights

String lights are all the rage, as well. Have the string lights go across the area where the reception will be held. These typically provide enough lighting. However, you can also use string lights on the tables or even around focal pieces around the venue. 

With these five essentials in mind, you are closer to being on your way to the rustic wedding of your dreams. Be sure to find a specific party rental company that specializes in rustic wedding items, as well to keep it simple. Having one place to go to makes it easier to put it all together. 

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