How Much Space Does Your Wedding Party Need?

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Almost every wedding venue measures their capacity in terms of square footage. The recommended minimum square footage is 7-10 sq feet per person.

But terms like maximum capacity do not say much as they do not take into consideration other factors such as tables and chairs, entertainment table, food stations etc. When deciding whether a wedding venue is spacious enough, here's what you need to factor in.

The Shape of the Venue

Event venues come in different shapes and this may affect their capacity. A narrow-shaped venue will be limiting while an s-shaped venue may be hard to work with. Also, consider other fixtures such as columns or trees which may further eat up into the space.

The Seating Arrangement

A banqueting set-up will normally take up more space than a theatre seating plan.  Likewise, the shape of table you choose will impact the amount of space you get.

Rectangular tables take more people, can be adjoined and are generally more

versatile. A 72-inch round table will take 10 people while a 60-inch one will take 8. Remember to leave 5 feet behind the table for ease of movement.

Type of Event

Are you hosting a dinner or a cocktail? A sit-down dinner will take considerably more space than a cocktail.

Head Table

Make sufficient room for the bridal party. The size of the bridal party will determine how big the table will be.

Buffet Table/Food Stations

The rule of thumb is to have one buffet table for every 75 guests. This means that you may have to set up more food stations if you have more guests.

Dance Floor

No wedding is complete without dancing. The dance floor needs to be large enough to encourage guests to dance.

Band and DJ

How big is the band? Do they have extra equipment? Find out from your band how much space they need.

Gift Table

For obvious reasons, you will want to place this table within view.


If you don't have a bar within the venue, you'll need to create space for one. You may also need some space near the bar where people can mingle as they drink.

Extra Guests

Make provisions for extra guests. In other words, take a venue that is slightly above your maximum capacity.

Choosing the right size of venue is about more than just numbers. There are a lot of factors to consider which will vary from one wedding to the next. To learn more, contact a wedding venue like The Manoa Grand Ballroom