Scalpers Vs. Ticket Agents: Reasons Why You Should Select The Ticket Agent's Services

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If you cannot appear in person to get concert tickets, you will have to find another way to get your tickets. That is just a fact of life. There are several different concert ticket services, all of which typically charge a fee. Many people find the fees disagreeable until they try to buy tickets from a "scalper." (A scalper is a term given to people who buy large lots of tickets to events, then sell them at an inflated price; hence, they take your money and your scalp along with it for the price of tickets.) You may find that the scalper is not your best option. Here are some reasons why you should select the ticket agent's services instead:

The Fees Are Not Unreasonable

When you hear what a scalper wants on top of the price of each ticket, the fees charged by a ticket service are a drop in the bucket. Most concert tickets services charge a varying collection of lesser fees per ticket ordered and processed, but they are small in comparison to what a scalper will charge. A scalper will charge you up to fifty percent (or more!) of the price of each ticket, depending on how popular the concert/band/musician is, the venue, and how difficult it is to get tickets. Which would you rather pay?

The Tickets Are Guaranteed to Be Legitimate

Scalpers will sometimes sell fake tickets. They may do this knowingly, or they may have bought counterfeit tickets and not realize it before selling the tickets to you. That really puts consumers in the lurch, as they think they are going to see a concert, get to the gates, and are turned away because the tickets are fakes. If you go through a ticket service, your tickets are always real, and you will never be turned away at the gate.

If You Need Group Tickets, the Ticket Service Can Make That Happen

Large groups need a large batch of tickets. A ticket service has access to all available concert tickets and seat information. When a group of people wants to go to the concert together, and you need a big batch of tickets, you are guaranteed to get group seating with all of the tickets you will need. There is no way you would get that many tickets with a scalper, and even if you did, there is a very good chance you would not sit together, or that the tickets would be counterfeit. Do not risk it; buy your tickets from the ticket service.

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