Four Unique Types Of Places To Host A Small Wedding

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If you will be having a small wedding with 30 or fewer guests, then renting a huge hall is probably not worthwhile. However, there are plenty of unique spots where you can have a very special day with your small crowd. Here are four ideas for unique places to host a small wedding.

A Local Conference Center

Many conference centers have smaller rooms that companies use for meetings and small corporate seminars. Weddings may not be their main priority, but if you call and explain that you are having a small wedding and are looking for a place to host it, they may be able to accommodate you. And since they are not a usual wedding venue, they might give you a great price. You can get ready in one room, have your partner get ready in another room, and walk down the aisle in a small, intimate room. Conference centers usually have projection software, plenty of tables, and seating, so you don't have to rent these things separately. They may even have a contract with a caterer you can use!

A Mountaintop

Imagine looking down on the world below you as you say "I do." If you live anywhere near a mountain, you can get married on a mountaintop and then have a barbecue or picnic lunch afterward in celebration. In most cases, you won't even have to pay a fee since there are mountains in state parks and on public land that are open to the public. This will have to be an informal wedding since you'll need to hike up and down!

A Theater

See if any of the theaters in the area will allow you to get married on their stage! You will feel like the true star of the show as all of your guests watch your ceremony from below. You can even take a bow when it is all over. After the ceremony, most theaters have a bar area or reception area where you can enjoy some cocktails and appetizers with your guests for a casual reception. 

A Playground

If you and your fiance are the fun-loving, playful type, then consider getting married on a playground. You could have the ceremony performed with the two of you standing over the bridge or at the top of a slide. imagine the photos of you sitting on the swings with guests surrounding you! Afterwards, you can have a picnic lunch and let everyone reminisce childhood as they play.

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