3 Instrumental Tips When Renting Chairs For A Big Event

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If you plan on hosting a big event, you'll need to rent chairs so that all of your guests can sit down and relax. This rental process doesn't have to be too difficult to deal with either if you remember these tips. 

Estimate Guests in Attendance  

Your first priority when renting chairs for a big event is figuring out how many guests will be in attendance. Only then will you have a general idea of how many chairs to order, preventing you from ordering too little or too many and wasting a lot of money.

The best way to calculate guest quantity is to send out RSVP invitations. These can be sent through traditional mail or email. They'll give guests the chance to indicate if they're coming and how many other people they plan on bringing. Just note that these invitations should be used as rough estimates. It's better to err on the side of caution and order more rental chairs than you need.

Think About Chair Features 

Today, there is so much variety in regards to event chair rentals. So that your chairs work out perfectly, you really need to pay close attention to features. One of the more important features to consider is portability. For example, chairs that open and close are much easier to set up than chairs that don't adjust. 

You should also think about the amount of comfort offered by the chairs. It's wise to select chairs with thick cushions, especially if your event will be lasting for several hours. If your event is being held outside, then you'll need chairs with a weatherproof design to prevent damage from occurring.

Read Through Your Rental Agreement 

Since you do not own these chairs outright, it's extremely important to look closely at the rental agreement. Pay attention to the rate you're being charged. Is it by a per chair basis or simply by the hour? Knowing these costs can prevent any confusion later on down the line.

Also see how long your rental period lasts. After all, you wouldn't want to keep these chairs longer than the agreed-upon period, as late fees may get tacked on. Finally, see how the chairs are being picked up. Do you need to drop them off to the rental company yourself or will someone come and take them off your hands?

A huge event isn't complete until you have the right rental chairs. Getting through this rental process is extremely easy when you make the necessary preparations and research your chair options.