3 Ways To Boost Your Team's Morale

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As a business owner, you have many responsibilities, including creating and keeping a productive, happy, and engaged staff. When morale is low in your office, projects can lag behind, team members can become disgruntled, and your company's products and services can suffer. On the other hand, when morale is high, your company will thrive and the positive attitude will reach your customers and improve their experience. Here are a few ideas for ways to boost your team's morale: 

Hire a Motivational Speaker

A motivational speaker, like Dr. Brad Larsen, who specializes in giving talks to businesses is a great way to boost morale. A good motivational speaker will inspire and energize your team, while also making them laugh and helping them see themselves in new ways.

Motivational speeches can be tailored to your company and goals, giving your staff a boost of energy to tackle upcoming projects, take more ownership of tasks, and rediscover their love of what they do at work. Make sure to hire a motivational speaker who truly understands your company's mission and what you are hoping to accomplish.

Take The Time to Acknowledge Hard Work

Sometimes the best way to boost morale is simply acknowledging when someone has done a great job. When one of your employees completes a difficult project, improves a process, creates a new training program, or passes a work-related exam, pay attention. Just taking the time to take them aside and tell them you've noticed what a great job they're doing and appreciate their contribution will go a long way.

Make sure a trusted staff member, such as an office manager, knows to alert you to any team accomplishments you might not notice on your own. If you really want your staff to feel like a million bucks, consider giving them a card with a handwritten note, or mentioning their accomplishment in the next employee newsletter.

Volunteer Together

Taking time away from the office to volunteer together on a quarterly or monthly basis is another great way to boost morale. Your team will bond with each other and feel more connected after helping out in the community.

Staff can vote on which organizations to volunteer with, and you can switch things up each time or dedicate yourselves to helping one organization on a regular basis. Whether you're cleaning up a local park, walking dogs at a shelter, or mentoring at-risk teens, your group will feel great afterward and that feeling will translate to more energy and buy-in at the office.

When you invest in your team's morale in these ways, you will be rewarded with improved productivity and employee retention.